John A. Goodwin in LTI’s “The Pickout” Yearbook

Many volumes of the Lowell Technological Institute’s yearbook “The Pickout” have been digitized. Check out former LHS President and former LTI professor John Goodwin’s photo with the Textile Manufacturing faculty. This article is a crosspost from Dick Howe’s blog.July 20th, 2012

LTI’s “The Pickout” Now Digitized

by Marie

A page from the 1956 Edition of “The Pickout” – the Yearbook for the Lowell Technological Institute.

Please note the late Professor John A. Goodwin seated to the far left in the first row of the Textile Manufacturing faculty group photo. John died last month at the age of 95 – ever loyal to the “Institute.”

Many editions of  “The Pickout” have been digitized and are available here: As noted by UML/Center for Lowell History director Martha Mayo “soon all the University-related yearbooks will be available and searchable through”