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The Lowell Historical Society continually publishes a wide variety of books, videos and gifts. Society members receive a 10% discount on all items listed below if purchased directly from LHS.  Or, you may purchase LHS publications from our authorized retail outlets listed below. (Please note that the 10% does not apply at retail stores).

All items (except postcards & magnets) are subject to a $2.50 shipping and handling fee. Mass residents please add 6.25% for sales tax.

Photographs and Prints

Canadian Sisters

We are selling a selection of photographs and prints on Smugmug. Please visit http://lowellhistoricalsociety.smugmug.com/

Postcard Books

Lowell: The Mill City - Postcard History 

Lowell: The Mill City - Postcard History Series ($21.99)

A visual history of Lowell, Massachusetts (1890s - 1940s) seen through vintage postcards from local Lowell collectors. Published by Arcadia Publishing as part of its Postcard History Series. Featuring 144 pages including introduction, color and black & white photos with captions. Available now.

Lowell: The River City - 
								Postcard History Series

Lowell: The River City - Postcard History Series ($21.99)

Volume II featuring all new postcard scenes of Lowell residences, waterways & bridges, parks, cemeteries & monuments, churches. Also, scenes from neighboring towns of Dracut, Chelmsford and Tyngsboro.

Postcards - Limited edition reproductions

Series 1: Buy all five for $4.50 (add $2.00 S/H) or one for $1.00 (add $1.00 for S/H)

Greetings Lowell

1 - Greetings Lowell

Noon at the Mills

2 - Noon at the Mills

Cardinal O'Connell Parkway

3 - Cardinal O'Connell Parkway

Lowell Depot & Richardson Hotel

4 - Lowell Depot & Richardson Hotel


5 - "I Wonder When We Will Sit Together Again In Lowell, Mass" 1940s novelty card

Series 2: Buy all five for $4.50 (add $2.00 S/H) or one for $1.00 (add $1.00 for S/H)

Telephone Exchange

1 - Telephone Exchange

City Hall

2 - City Hall

St. Anne's Church

3 - St. Anne's Church

Post Office

4 - Post Office

Pollard Memorial Library

5 - Pollard Memorial Library

Series 3: Each $1.00 (add $1.00 for S/H)

Lowell Mass

1 - Lowell Mass

Central Fire Station

2 - Central Fire Station

Lowell Textile School

3 - Lowell Textile School

Greetings from Lowell

4 - Lowell, Mass


Mile of Mills

Mile of Mills - 1920
$3.00 (add $1.00 S/H)

East View of Lowell from Dracut Heights 1839

East View of Lowell from Dracut Heights 1839.
Drawn by J.W. Barber
$3.00 (add $1.00 S/H)

Entering Lowell Sign

Entering Lowell Sign
$2.00 (add $1.00 S/H)

Books and Videos

Bricks and Bats

Bricks and Bats ($14.95)
A sports book based on professional baseball in Lowell from 1887 - 1934. Richly illustrated, full of statistics and colorful ball players.

The Continuing Revolution

The Continuing Revolution ($50.00 - hard cover, $19.95 - soft cover)
An anthology of essays which explores a wide range of Lowell themes including immigration, women in labor and historic preservation.

Contributions of Old Residents

Contributions of Old Residents ($5.00 per each volume)
Bound volumes of Society presentations from 1879 through 1920 with topics covering the Middlesex Canal, the Lowell school system and early postmasters of the city.

Lowell Views

Lowell Views ($5.95)
A collection of rare 19th century prints, paintings and drawings of the original textile town along the Merrimack River.

Mourning Glory

Mourning Glory ($9.95 - soft cover, $15.95 - 1 hour video VHS or DVD)New Price
Revised edition: An illustrated account of the city's beautifully designed and Victorian era inspired Lowell Cemetery.

Map Sets

Map Sets ($5.00)
A series of Lowell maps dating from 1821 through 1912.

Merrimack Prints

Merrimack Prints ($15.00 - mounted, $12.50 - un-mounted)
An oversize panoramic view of Lowell and the Merrimack River reprinted from the 1850's.

1936 Flood

1936 Flood (VHS or DVD $15.95)New Price
A thirty minute video with dramatic live footage of Lowell's worst natural disaster when the Merrimack and Concord Rivers flooded their banks after an unusually rapid April thaw.


Communidade ($8.95)
A collection of photographs which highlight the immigrant Portuguese community of Lowell.

Canals & Industry

Canals & Industry ($5.95)
An overview of the development and impact of water on textile manufacturing in Lowell.

Irish Catholic Genesis

Irish Catholic Genesis ($8.95)
A history of the early Irish community and its contribution to Lowell's development.

That was the way it was...

That was the way it was... ($10.00)
A Selection of Charles G Sampas' 'Sampascoopies Lowell History Columns'.

Partner Publications - Please follow provided links to purchase

A Century of Cures

A Century of Cures Dr. J.C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass., U.S.A. A Reference Guide by Cliff & Linda Hoyt ($49.95 + S&H)
The Lowell Historical Society is proud to partner as publisher with board member and past LHS president Cliff Hoyt and his wife Linda to bring you A Century of Cures: Dr. J.C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass., U.S.A. A Reference Guide
Please visit http://www.cliffhoyt.com/century_of_cures.htm for more details and to purchase.

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