Reminder: Lowell Historical Society Annual Meeting May 27th!

Lowell Historical Societys

Annual Meeting Featuring a Presentation on

Charles Dickens and the Lowell Mill Girls


Dr. Natalie McKnight, Boston University

Date:May 27, 2012, 1:00-2:30

Location:Boott Mills Events Center, Second Floor, Lowell National Park, Boott Gallery, Boott Cotton Mills Museum, 115 John Street, Lowell, MA

Dr. McKnight
Natalie McKnight, Professor, Associate Dean, Director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning, Boston University.

Dr. McKnight will be talking about Dickens and the Lowell mill girls, and with a particular focus on how and why Dickens was so impressed with the Lowell factories and particularly the women he met there. Dr. McKnight will emphasize Dickens high regard for the journal the mill girls produced, The Lowell Offering. She will suggest ways in which his visit to Lowell shaped his attitude and approach toward his own role as author for the rest of his career.

Dr. McKnight has published three books on Victorian fiction, Idiots, Madmen and Other Prisoners in Dickens and Suffering Mothers in Mid-Victorian Novels (St. Martins/Palgrave) and Fathers in Victorian Fiction. She is Co-Editor of Dickens Studies Annual and Archivist and Subscription Manager of Dickens Quarterly.

Available both before and after Dr. McKnights presentation is the Exhibit:

Dickens and Massachusetts: A Tale of Power and Transformation

This major exhibit was co-curated by Diana Archibald, Associate Professor of English at UMass Lowell, and David Blackburn, Chief of Cultural Resources and Programs, Lowell National Historical Park. It is being held at the same location as Natalie McKnights presentation in the Boott Gallery (first floor in the Lowell National Historical Park. This interactive exhibition will open on March 30, 2012 and run through October 20, 2012. It features a rich collection of rare Dickens artifacts, on loan from the Charles Dickens Museum of London, Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, the American Antiquarian Society, the New York Public Library, the Fellman Collection at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, the Perkins School for the Blind and other institutions. In this exhibit, an iconic 1842 portrait of the young Dickens, painted by Boston artist Francis Alexander, will receive its first public display in over 30 years.

The Dr. McKnights program and the Dickens and Massachusetts exhibition are free to the public.


Lowell Historical Society

Lowell National Historical Park,

University of Massachusetts Lowell


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Spring Lowell Cemetery Tours Start Today May 4, 2012

This a cross-post from Dick Howe’s blog.

Lowell Cemetery tours this week

by DickH

The spring tours of historic Lowell Cemetery begin this week on Friday, May 4 at 1 pm and Saturday, May 5 at 10 am.

We have completely revised the tours this year.  These May tours will all begin at the Lawrence Street entrance and will cover that half of the cemetery.  The tours in the fall will begin at the Knapp Avenue entrance and will cover that part of the cemetery.  There will be some overlap (everyone will see the Ayer Lion) but most of the tours this year will be brand new, so even if you’ve participated in one of the tours during the past few years, you will see and hear new things this year.

The tours take 90 minutes of walking over uneven ground and are conducted rain or shine.  Parking is available along the avenues of the cemetery within the back gate.

Here are the dates for all upcoming tours:

Friday – May 4 – 1 pm Saturday – May 5 – 10 am Friday – May 18 – 1 pm Saturday – May 19 – 10 am