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 St. Patrick Church, Lowell Massachusetts , a stereoview

This is a cross post – follow-up from the Lowell Irish website. Historian Dave McKean touts the value of the old photos and stereo views he and his history detective side-kick – Lowell Historical Society Board member and genealogist Walter Hickey – are hoping that you have in your family archive. Using your best detecting skill could really bring some rewards – some tid-bits of information that help set a time, a place and era. Dave advises:

Take a look at your own photos. No date? Is there a calendar on the wall? A magazine cover? The Name of a movie on a billboard? Don’t know where it was taken? Look at the buildings in back. Is there a street sign? Store sign? If you watch CSI, you probably have a bit of Sherlock Holmes in you. It’s all elementary, Watson.


Read the full post here at the Lowell Irish website.

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